We have been producing lamps for more than 10 years. Our production facilities allow us to create 70 types of lighting devices that are popular in various countries around the world. We offer our customers not a simple lighting, WE FIND A SOLUTION TO INCREASE YOUR SALES, PRODUCTIVITY AND COMFORT
The quality of the components, in-house production and multi-stage input control are confirmed by an extended 5-years warranty for our lamps.
Quality guarantee
Professional light audit, analysis and design of lighting will increase your sales, comfort level and productivity.
You don't need to understand hard technical aspects as we will make a light calculation and fully develop the project.
Complete project
Electricity costs will be halved as LED lights consume less power with greater efficiency.
We have been creating premium solutions for any projects and goals. We know that high-quality lighting makes people's lives more comfortable. Therefore, we create not just stylish lamps, but also corresponding to high international standards. Such lighting provides a better perception of the place and appropriate atmosphere, regardless of whether you are: at work, in the office, in a restaurant or at home.

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Smart light is a whole system that creates lighting scenarios for every taste. You can change the brightness and color temperature, turn on different groups of lamps for zoning the room. Depending on the time of day or your mood, you can switch accents or general lighting. Moreover, such a system can be used to save electricity.
With smart lighting, the possibilities are endless.
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The shop window forms the buyer's desire to enter the store. It usually occurs within the first three minutes while the customer is looking at the facade of your store.
In recent years, brands have been in particularly sharp competition with each other. They try to attract the attention of the audience in various ways: with loud appeals and mottos, big discounts, apps that facilitate purchases, and many other ways.
But few people have the idea that the light in the window can play a much bigger role and attract a large amount of offline traffic. This is how “live shop window” appeared - a new level of brand presentation, when the showcase turns into a small theater stage. And what kind of performance can be successful without a competent lighting script?
It is important to choose the right shade of lighting for your space. You may think that you are very tired at work, that sales are not increasing because your employees are incompetent. But in fact, all of it may be the cause of wrong lighting.
According to the research of scientists, it turned out that cold shades of light (4000-5000K) stimulate mental and physical activity of a person. It will be an advantage to use such lighting in offices and sportswear stores to have more sales.
We believe that the right lighting can inspire the best innovations and ideas. Therefore, lighting should fit neatly into the interior, favorably emphasize the features of the space, complement the surrounding architecture and be ecological.
Our company has extensive experience, and our employees are highly qualified. A team of designers and constructors is carefully working to create the perfect lamp for your space, using the latest versions of applications and professional programs.
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Room plan / Lighting equipment
Fictitious colors / 3D visualization
3D visualization / Realized Project